TAKKO LACQUER Part. I Curiosities and Exquisites Collection (Cremes)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hello beautiful people! After ten years of editing (Huge Exaggeration)lol. I've finally finished the cremes for a collection called Curiosities and Exquisites by one of my favorite brands Takko Lacquer! Sheryl kills me always and forever with her adorable style and packaging, she will probably be annoyed by me because I always can never shut up whenever I get my hands on and start trying the shades as soon as they arrive in my mailbox (I stay emailing her about how dead I am yet again by her polishes and formula). If you follow me on IG you also know that I mentioned recently that her polishes seemed to be scented smelling a lot better than the typical chemical smell that all of us nail addicts are all too familiar with :p. I know 2 of her shades from her last releases smelled so good, I'm not sure if they all did and I just never noticed until now. Either way its a good thing! So all these cremes will be a part of her ongoing shades along with some of the beautiful toppers which you will see a peek of one of them here and definitely in the next post for sure! I am missing 2 cremes in this post because I wanted them to have their own post. They are black and white cremes that are EXTREMELY OPAQUE on the first coat making them one coaters! They deserve their own post for sure and I think ill add them to all the other shimmery color shifting shades in part II since they are perfect bases for just about anything! Just a heads up there are a lot of photos so sit back and grab a drink of sorts as you scroll forever lol! Here we go :)

First up is this adorable shade called 'Tea and Cakes' which was an easy 2 coater and this is without a top coat. I love this one! A lot of these are pastel but kinda seem neon in direct lighting if that makes sense, but all in all they are pastel.

This cute pastel pink shade is called 'Sakura' and the name is perfect for the kind of pink that it is!

Then we have this popsicle orange pastel called 'Guava' ^^ I can't get enough of the all around cuteness!

This minty green pastel is called 'So Fresh So Clean' these names <3!

And here's a peek at one of the beautiful toppers that will be staying on the Takko Lacquer website as a regular! I love the little bits of silver glitters mixed in the with 18 K white gold flakes!

This one is so pretty and I adore the name! It's called 'Ask Alice'.  Again all these were easy 2 coaters and all applied with no topcoat.

This shade I don't think is apart of the main line of shades that will be ongoing, but I decided to add it to this post anyway because it is a creme as well! This one is called 'Rose Quartz' and has these beautiful little flakes floating in the base. I applied 3 thin coats but you can easily get away with 2 generous coats I'd say. This is with one topcoat of gloss :).

A closer look at those flakes perhaps? I think yes! 

Saving one of my favorite cremes of the line for last, meet stunning 1 COATER (yes one coat) 'Irezumi'. I have no words...... Above is a shot of Irezumi with one coat and no topcoat in all its matte stunning opaque glory! Cobalt blue is my favorite color so I was so impressed and proud after testing this on one nail before painting the rest for this shot, I fell in love with blue all over again haha! 

Here is 'Irezumi' with a glossy topcoat and this is still 1 coat only applied. 

I wanted to show you the most beautiful 'Takko Pin Tatted Unicorn Hand' pin that will also be available on the Takko Lacquer website at the end of this month! Isn't it STUNNING! I think it calls to all of us who are obsessed with color and polish *_*. It comes in this adorable little takko lacquer branded logo cloth bag with a drawstring. On my nails are all takkitos the base is 'Irezumi' and the unicorn pee topper is a special limited edition shade called 'Opal Dust' which you will see more of later ;).

Another look at this perfection! 

Which shade was your favorite? And what do you think about this beautiful pin? All Takko Lacquers will be available towards the end of this month, to stay up to date with announcements and restock info follow @takkolacquer on Instagram and you can even turn on your notifications so you don't miss out! Especially when something is limited edition ^* Sheryl also has info on restocks on the actual website which I will leave a link to below. I hope you all enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

You can shop Takko Lacquer Online:

See you in Part. II 

- Ressa

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