Friday, April 15, 2016

Hi beautiful people! I hope you are all doing well! I know what you are thinking, I went MIA on my blog once 2016 began >_<! Life happens what can you do about it other than embrace it and go with it lol! But I have not forgotten about my blog in fact I have big plans this year, and you will probably notice that my Instagram is starting to feature more than nails mhmm yes that's right I'm going to post everything I love. Many of you may have thought that my account was only for nails, but if you look at the name of my account its my actual name. My IG was intended for everything in my world to be shown through a lens but the nail polish took over as it usually does. Which that will never change ,but I want to branch out and also share my favorites with you all as I do. Hope you don't mind^^ You will still see mainly nails because its my baby ( aside from my actually toddler lol). Enough Chit Chat! 

As you all may know by looking at the title of this post the color revealed today and the first of this year basically is none other than the stunning shifty Color's by Llarowe 'Midnight in Montana'. This shade is an old but goodie, which I am addicted to older released CBL's that date back even 2 years considering 'Midnight in Montana' is from the Fall 2014 Collection lol! I have even older shades that I hope to show you soon whether it be on here or Instagram! I kinda hunt for old CBL's on my free time because I was late to the unicorn pee and multichrome game let alone the entire nail world that I discovered once I joined Instagram (thanks Instagram for making my addiction even more intense)!  

Midnight in Montana is a green-ish blue-ish to purple multichrome, but since when has a multichrome only ever been two colors??? NEVER! So when I say green to purple I mean those are the main colors you will see before it starts to go all loopy right before your very eyes, that's where things get exciting! That's not all though, this beauty also has iridescent tiny hex that shift their own colors on top of the already shifting base! I know just try to keep up, it will all make sense soon.

Above is a soft image of the shade before seeing the shifts at extreme angles. You can spot the main green at the tip while seeing purple near the back of the nail bed and pink coming out to play on the side. Plus the little iridescent glitters playing a part in the over all finish (LOVE)! 

Here is (YES) the same exact polish showing a different face this time. I won't even bother trying to explain the colors here, but clearly you can see for yourself that there is a lot going on here! I was loving every single second of it. Even the little glitters have a mind of their own rebelling against the shifting base <3 yes please!

Do I really need to say anything else? How amazing is this polish!? Showing off your shift to yellow are we....yep this polish is a win!

I must say that I was really glad to get this shade, all the amazing shades have a way of getting discontinued or no pigments left to make more. Then you regret that you didn't grab it while it was available, I know many of you understand how I feel! We all have those few items where you ask yourself why you didn't just purchase it at the time :/ not just with polish, but any and everything that your'e into. Very annoying ! 


How do you feel about shades like this? Are you into multichromes? Or do you prefer another finish? Leave me a comment below!

Want to try to hunt for it like I did? Check out Storenvy! I found most of my old Color's by Llarowe there (psssst I even found originals! yes original formulas) ;)

I hope you find shades you've been looking for!

Happy Hunting!

See you in the next post!

- Ressa

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